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Download Movie Your Lie in April Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Your Lie in April Kosei Arima diperankan oleh Kento Yamazaki selalu memenangkan berbagai macam kompetisi piano di bawah pengawasan ketat oleh ibunya. Dia dikenal sebagai manusia metronon saat itu, namun semenjak kematian ibunya, Kosei Arima tidak dapat mendengar suara piano lagi. Suatu hari Arima bertemu dengan Kaori Miyazono diperankan oleh Suzu Hirose melalui… Read More »

Download Movie My Sassy Girl Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie My Sassy Girl Gyun-Woo (Cha Tae-Hyun) is a college student, more interested in picking up girls, drinking with his buddies and avoiding his nagging mother whenever possible. While riding the subway, a drunken girl (Gianna Jun) then changes his fate forever. She’s nearly unconscious on the train and vomits on an older guy.… Read More »

Download Movie Wolf Girl and Black Prince Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Wolf Girl and Black Prince Erika Shinohara (Fumi Nikaido) is a first year of high school student. While talking to friends, she makes up a story about her “boyfriend.” In reality, Erika Shinohara doesn’t have a boyfriend. Erika’s friends soon begin to doubt her story and Erika is also running out of lies.… Read More »

Download Movie The Phone Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie The Phone A man (Son Hyun-Joo) became broken-hearted after the murder of his wife (Uhm Ji-Won). A magnetic field anomaly allows him to talk to his wife from the past. Can he prevent her murder? Details Movie The Phone Movie: The Phone Revised romanization: Deo Pon Hangul: 더 폰 Director: Kim Bong-Joo Writer:… Read More »

Download Movie Twenty (Korean Movie) Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Twenty (Korean Movie) Chi-Ho (Kim Woo-Bin), Dong-Woo (Lee Joon-Ho) and Gyung-Jae (Kang Ha-Neul) have been best friends since high school. Now, they are all 20-year-olds. Chi-Ho has a girlfriend, So-Min (Jung So-Min), but he only thinks about wooing other women. An accident leads Chi-Ho to spend time with aspiring actress Eun-Hye (Jung Joo-Yeon).… Read More »

Download Movie Cart (Korean Movie) Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Cart (Korean Movie) Sun-Hee (Yum Jung-Ah) is a mother of two children. She has worked as a contract worker for a large discount store for the past 5 years. Sun-Hee has been promised numerous times that she would eventually be promoted to a regular full-time employee. Hye-Mi (Moon Jeong-Hee) is a single mother… Read More »

Download Movie Lucid Dream Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Lucid Dream A man (Ko Soo) lost his son 3-years-ago. Through a lucid dream, he finds a clue on his son’s disappearance. Details Movie Lucid Dream Movie: Lucid Dream Revised romanization: Loosideu Deurim Hangul: 루시드 드림 Director: Kim Joon-Sung Writer: Kim Joon-Sung Producer: Hong Yong-Soo, Choi Sun-Joong Cinematographer: Park Hyun-Chul Release Date: February… Read More »

Download Movie Silenced (Korean Movie) Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Silenced (Korean Movie) Kang In-Ho (Gong Yoo) is a newly appointed teacher at a school for the hearing-impaired in Mujin city. On the way to his new job he becomes involved in a minor car accident and takes his car to a local car repair shop. There his already wrecked car is bumped… Read More »

Download Movie The Liar and His Lover Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie The Liar and His Lover Set within music field, “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru” depicts a love story between a 25-year-old sound engineer and 16-year-old high school student Riko, who posessess a gifted voice. 25-year-old sound engineer Aki (Takeru Satoh) is a member of popular band “Crude Play,” but right after the band… Read More »

Download Movie Heroine Shikkaku Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Movie Heroine Disqualified Hatori Matsuzaki (Mirei Kiritani) adalah siswi SMA yang terkenal sebagai gadis yang mudah bergaul, ceria dan penuh ekspresi. Dia naksir teman masa kecilnya Rita Terasaka (Kento Yamazaki) dan percaya bahwa dia akhirnya akan memilihnya sebagai Heroine-nya Rita. Tapi Rita Terasaka ternyata malah berkencan dengan Miho Adachi, seorang gadis yang pendiam dan… Read More »